Hot Glass Beads

Janet has been creating lampwork beads and unique jewelry pieces for more than a decade; however, the art of making glass beads began in earnest during Roman times. 

In its early history beads were made by melting glass over a fire or oil lamp. Today artisans use torches which provide the much needed heat to melt and manipulate the glass more effectively.

Each bead is made one at a time by melting the glassand winding it around a metal rod, shaping it, and then decorating with molten glass. 

Because each bead is made separately, each bead is unique.

Simple beads can be made in ten minutes, while more complicated beads can take hours to make.

After creating a bead on the torch, it is put in a kiln to anneal and cool at a controlled rate giving the bead strength and longevity.

When the bead comes out of the kiln, it is thoroughly cleaned and made ready for sale or incorporation into jewelry.