Toby and Tucker at the Beach


“Toby and Tucker At The Beach”

Here is the completed painting of the two little guys set at one of their favorite spots, the beach. 

Toby and Tucker posing for the camera.


Painting a portrait of Toby and Tucker was not a difficult project because they are both very cute and photogenic. I am not sure why some people refer to Dachshunds as wiener dogs or walking sausages…perhaps because of their build, but these two guys have dynamic personalities that make them exceptional subjects for a painting.

When I started the painting, I knew that it needed to be set at the beach because that is where Karen (their mom) loves to take them. What I wasn’t sure about was their pose. I had taken numerous photos in preparation for the portrait and it was difficult to decide on how to place these doggy models.


Also, there were so many wonderful expressions captured in those photos…the possibilities were plentiful , but only one portrait to be done. So a choice had to be made. Ideally, I wanted the two subjects to compliment each other and, in the finished painting I think they do.




Toby Close-up


Tucker Close-up